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Goodman responds

I feel like Helen Odeworitse.

In response to a prize-snub-related Twitter shot from UL is my hot hot last night, Jeff Goodman posted the following response.

goodmanonfox : I am just waiting for the right prize. RT @CardChronicle: RT @ULismyhothot #tennismatchwaslonger than @GoodmanOnFox takes to deliver prizes

Basically, I'm about to receive a dead animal in the mail.

Sometimes peaceful protests don't pay off, people. Also, having the person you're protesting know your home address while you have nothing to go off of outside an email address and a Twitter account is not the ideal power position.

He also sent me a direct message (it was clean), but I couldn't respond because he has the audacity to not be following me. If I didn't think I'd come home to find sweet Norah Rutherford's severed head in my bed, I'd organize a second protest.

So now the rules have changed. Technically, the boycott will continue until I receive this "right prize" (Jesus), but I am now willing to authorize viewings of Reds games on FSN Ohio, and any programming on Fox-41 after 5 p.m.

You give a little, you get a little...until you get a dead animal, then the giving ceases.