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What to read while flopping at work

Will it get you out of the assignment? I'd say it's worth the shot.

Rick Bozich's column this morning was not good. I'm not exaggerating when I say it could have been written in 20 minutes.

There is at least one kid in the country on every college football team (and most high school teams) in the country who has gotten into a little bit of trouble in his life. The coaches of those teams aren't making a blanket statement about the "values" of their program by allowing that kid or others like him to play football.

The Michigan football program wanted Dorsey badly and they would have celebrated having him had Rich Rodriguez not made so many enemies at the school. If Lloyd Carr were still the head man in Ann Arbor then Demar Dorsey would be preparing for his first season as a Wolverine. It's absolutely that simple.

Dorsey is good-to-go academically, he hasn't had any behavioral issues since he was 15, and there isn't a major college football program in the country who didn't want him to come play for their school.

I like Dr. Bo, but this was the most phoned in thing I've seen the C-J publish in a long time.

Here's a great recap of Charlie Strong's women's clinic to complement TaraBelle's post from last night.

In the players panel (QB Adam Froman, WR Troy Pascley, WR Doug Beaumont, and DE Rodney Gnat), all agreed to one extent or another that things could not be more different than they used to be. Gnat said the new coaching staff was much more "animated" to which Adam Froman added that the intensity is far higher under the new coaches. Pascley added that he can't believe they thought they worked hard last year in off-season workouts and practice. All of this will be music to the ears of Cardinal fans who long suspected that the team's flagging late in games and late in the season was at least in part due to the sub par physical training under the previous coaches.

The players related the story of offensive lineman Conrad Thomas who was listed on last years roster at an enormous 345 lbs. Upon Moorer's arrival he told Thomas that he would losing some of "that" (referring to Thomas' belly fat). Thomas has since lost 42 lbs and is penciled in as the starter at right guard after languishing on the bench for the 3 years. They said when Thomas was shown before and after photos of himself he became emotional about the progress being made.

The intensity off the field has increased as well. Charlie Strong told the ladies that he was told a certain player was continually late to class. So, Charlie Strong went to the class and waited for the player to arrive. Another player in the class called the player to alert him that Strong was in the room and waiting for him and the player sprinted to class and made it barely on time. Strong said he and the assistants have made plenty of visits to classrooms throughout the spring and summer to keep close tabs on academic progress (which he said is being made. 30+ players earned 3.0 GPAs or better in the spring 2010 semester).

I also love that all over the weight room Strong has taped strips of paper with the words "picked to finish last in the Big East" written on them.

This is probably going to be the least talented team we've fielded in a decade, but watching them play is going to be a blast. The effort-level is going to be light-years ahead of what we've suffered through for the past three years and that alone should be enough to have all of us counting down the days until Sept. 4.

Bowling Green's Chane Behanan was named MVP of the National Basketball Players' Association Top 100 Camp in Charlottesville, Va. last weekend. Behanan averaged 14.3 points over seven games.

He's now starting to hear from just about every major program in the country.

U of L recruit Anthony Davis, who has been dealing with some minor injuries this summer, was named Most Outstanding Prospect at the same camp.

Is there a more unlikeable team in sports than the French national football team?

Here's the athletic event that the entire country basically spends four years building towards, and the team spends a week and-a-half bitching, moaning and refusing to practice, and now it's over.

They make the Bengals look like the Spurs.

France sucks joke.

The opening line is out on the Battle for the Governor's cup, and Louisville currently sits as a seven-point dog.

I'd lay some dough on Chuck's side.

Speaking of Chucks, Charlie Springer has the lowdown on the new PJCS videoboard.

Question of the day (via a recent conversation): blindness or no arms and no legs?

I've heard more debate than I expected.

I'm not a strong lean one way or the other, but in the end I've gotta go blindness. It's the condition that affords more ignorance. If you have no limbs then you can both see yourself and see the way other people look at you. I'd rather not.

I also like working with my hands from the garden....and stuff.

One caveat: no copping out and playing the "blindness might be curable in time" card. Referencing prosthetics, however, is entirely acceptable.

It's mid-June. I'm not going to apologize.