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Conflicting reports on Demar Dorsey

Here's what we know:

Yesterday, Demar Dorsey told, "I signed today," and that he would enroll at U of L the first week of July. He also changed his Facebook profile picture to the one we posted below, changed his status to: "BEGINNING OF A NEW ERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEW HOME UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!," and later posted a link to yesterday's CC story (we've made it) under the caption: "NEW ERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

But now, the Courier - a publication to which we now may or may not owe an apology - gives us this from his high school coach:

James cited Dorsey's relationship with UofL coach Charlie Strong as the reason why the five-star recruit would choose the Cardinals. Dorsey originally committed to Florida after being recruited by Strong, who was the Gators defensive coordinator before taking over UofL

"It's a pretty strong relationship," James said. "I would say it's 90 percent (certain)."

He said Dorsey was also talking with another school, which he did not identify.

James, who has coached football for 17 years, compared Dorsey to ex-NFL star Terrell Buckley.

"If Louisville gets him, they've got a steal," the coach said. "He's probably one of the best athletes in the nation."


If we lose one of the best players in the country after thinking we had him AND if the legacy of my now legendary Demar Dorsey party gets tainted (we had Demarvelous Dorseafood), I'm gonna take a bat to an average-sized fifth-grader.