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Demar Dorsey to Louisville

This news coming on Father's Day means that it won't make nearly the splash it would have had it broken two or three months ago, but the signing of Demar Dorsey just may be the biggest play Charlie Strong has made at Louisville to date. 

According to ESPN's rankings, Dorsey was the highest-rated 2010 recruit not just in Michigan's class, but in the entire Big Ten. Add in the fact that he plays the position (defensive back) where Louisville currently has the least depth, and U of L fans should forget about dad and start planning some impromptu Demar Dorsey parties.

Of course what has to be addressed next is why Dorsey won't be playing his college football in Ann Arbor. Earlier this month, the University of Michigan admissions office made the final decision to deny Dorsey admission to the school based (one can only assume) on the fact that he was twice charged with felonies as a juvenile. He was acquitted of a charge of robbery with a deadly weapon in 2008, and an earlier burglary charge was dismissed.

To his credit, Dorsey has owned up to his mistakes, which he attributes largely to the fact that he was playing on the varsity with seniors when he was 15-years-old and was trying to do what he could to fit in. He has been in no trouble since his early days as a high school student and did everything necessary to make himself eligible for college. 

For more on his story, watching the video below is a must
When you hear him talk about how proud he was to be able to commit to Michigan, you can't help but feel bad about the events that took place in the succeeding months, even if they did lead to him winding up here. It's no wonder that Wolverine fans aren't exactly singing the praises of the admissions office after their decision.

The media (the media!) will likely play up the "troubled kid ends up at Louisville" angle, but that isn't exactly the case here. Michigan was Dorsey's dream school, but Florida, USC, Tennessee and Miami, among others, were all poised to accept them with open arms if he chose to make them his "second chance" school. Instead, he's going to be a Cardinal, because...

"It's the beginning of a new era building up a program."


"They say I have an opportunity come right in and play, but I have to work for it. I'm hoping I can come right in and make an impact."

This isn't Willie Williams, hell, it isn't even Nate Harris or some of the other second chance players who worked out tremendously at Louisville. This is a kid who made some mistakes when he was juggling the awkwardness of puberty and being treated as a football star at the same time, and who has done everything he could to rectify those errors in the years since. 

If Dorsey can handle Strong's intense discipline (as if he has a choice), he'll see the field in September. He is absolutely that good. 

Feel free to celebrate. 

UPDATE: Below is Dorsey's new Facebook profile picture.

"Mr. No Fly Zone"....awesome. 

You'd have to say it's now a toss-up between Dorsey and Peanut Whitehead for the title of most-prized defensive recruit in U of L football history. Given the state of the program and the emaciation of the secondary, I don't think it's a question which one is more important. 

Huge day for Cardinal football.