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CUTOTD: Doug Beaumont Puts In Work

I can't believe it, but Doug Beaumont will be a senior this season.  You may think that he's only played three years, and you'd be partially right: Krag-the-Redshirt-Burner for some reason had him playing as a true freshman, mostly on special teams.  My memory is that he had a JETSWEEP! in the 4th Quarter against Murray State....hold on, let me check that....yup:

2nd and 17 at MURR 27 Doug Beaumont rush for a loss of 2 yards to the MurrS 29.    


Incredibly, that was his only carry of 2007, and he did not catch a pass. I think he should apply for a hardship waiver and get another season.  Yikes.

Anyway, Doug still has not scored a touchdown in his subsequent two seasons, and he had one called back last year on a penalty.  In 2010, with the new offense, Doug should get plenty of opportunities.  And to take advantage, here's what Doug is doing:

Up bright and early to workout its like a everyday job

This was at like 5 or 6 AM, if my math is correct. 

He later updated:

Stadium all day puttin in work

Put in work, Doug.  Put it in.  I really hope the first play of the season involves some trickeration and Doug streaking down the sideline with the ball, outracing the UK secondary for his first career touchdown.