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CUTOTD: Expansion and Realignment Mania!

Lots of tweets today about the expansion and conference shake-ups.  Since that is the biggest thing going on in UofL sports right now, there are a lot of qualifying tweets:

CardChronicle:  The Big 10 and the Big 12 are the new Iceland and Greenland.

 jdemling: OK so now the Big 12 is going to be the Big 10 and the Big 10 is going to be the Big 12? LOL

howielindsey:  Orangebloods says the conference formally known as Big12 could be announced today:

ericcrawford: Report: Baylor considering offer to join Teamsters Local 81 in Texas.

Eric, Eric, Eric.  I love ya, man.  But these joke "Report" tweets the last few days.....boy I dunno....just leave the humor to @EDSBS.  There, I said it. Still love you, hopefully this doesn't turn you into a freneblog.

Anyway, I still have no idea what is going to happen with the conferences.  It sounds like a couple teams jumping to the Pac-10 is all that will happen, but the way things have gone the last few weeks, who really knows.  Glad the Big East is really moving quickly:

UofLCardGame:  RT @DOBIEST: The Big East is having a conference call with presidents and ADs later this week. on realignment/expansion.