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Big East looking to add former Big 12 schools?

That's the word from the Washington Examiner, which says the Big East is very interested in adding Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State and perhaps Missouri.

Twelve-team football conference? Awesome. Twenty-team basketball conference? Insane.

I'm not entirely opposed to this given some of the potential other options out there, but I just can't see it happening.

The more I hear, the more I think we're headed in the direction of 14-team super conferences and not 16-team super conferences, a development which could end up being very bad for Louisville.

If the Big Ten were to add Texas and Texas A&M (which has been reported, but which is also still very far from being confirmed), that's 14 teams for them. The Pac-10 already has Colorado and (probably) Oklahoma State, so they look to add a par of teams, likely Utah and either another Mountain West Team (TCU or BYU) or another one of the Big 12 leftovers. Oklahoma wants to go to the SEC, and if this happens I think the SEC accepts them with open arms, they then add another team from the ACC, likely Georgia Tech, and sit pretty at 14.

If this were to play out, the next move would be the ACC's, which would have to decide whether or not it wanted to keep pace with the trio of Big 14's.

I'd keep going, but there's really no point. These are strange times.