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A quick summary of the state of major college athletics

1. John Wooden, one of the most (if not the most) legendary and well-respected coaches in the history of college sports and sports in general, has passed away.

2. Nebraska is going to be a member of the Big Ten Conference.

3. Colorado is going to be a member of the Pac-10 Conference.

4. No Division-1 program in the country is entirely sure what the name of their conference or the names of the other schools in their conference will be in two years.

5. As it stands right now, the Big 10 is going to have 12 teams, the Big 12 is going to have 10 teams and the Pac-10 is going to have 11 teams.

6. The USC football program received one of the strictest punishments ever handed out by the NCAA and is no longer one of the 25 or 30 strongest in the country.

7. The legitimacy of Reggie Bush's 2005 Heisman Trophy Award is likely to become a legal matter.

8. Tom Izzo is seriously considering becoming the next head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. The same Tom Izzo whose teams have been defined by their rebounding prowess as much as anything else.

9. There is serious talk of conferences separating from the NCAA entirely, becoming their own entity and handing out their own championships.

10. The BCS still exists.