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Peyton Siva taking his smile to China

If The Great Wall melts, we'll all know who to blame.

Look above: that's tremendous writing right there. Your serve, Reilly.

Peyton Siva will be a member of a team of 11 American college basketball players who will spend May 14-31 in China taking on eight or nine of the top local clubs. The trip is one of several sponsored and organized by Sports Reach, a Kentucky-based Christian sports ministry that uses athletics as a platform to share Christ throughout the world.


The interesting(?) roster of players includes:

Peyton Siva, University of Louisville, 6'1" G *
Brandon Barnes, Lipscomb University, 6'3" G *
Malik Story, University of Nevada, 6'5" G *
Jon Hood, University of Kentucky, 6'7" G *
Skylar McBee, University of Tennessee, 6'3" G *
Xavier Silas, No. Illinois University, 6'4" G *
Steffphon Pettigrew, Western Kentucky University 6'6" F *
Jeremy Williams, 6'7" UTEP F *
Carlton Fay, 6'7" So. Illinois University F *
Josh Harrelson, University of Kentucky, 6'9" F-C *
Sean Kowal, 6'10" No. Illinois University, C *

All of this begs the question: is Siva really heading to China for basketball, or has Woody Harrelson clued him into the fact that the world is ending and the only way to survive will be to board one of the massive arcs secretly being constructed in The Middle Kingdom?

Never see 2012. Swear on Rock Keys.