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CardsFan922 Weighs In On Eric Bledsoe Situation

I know, I know - you've all been wondering - this is huge news, what does CardsFan922 think of all of this?  Well, since you asked, I'll tell you:

Sure, it is great for Eric Bledsoe that people managed to game the system to get him qualified without him really having to do any school work or learn anything - other than how to game the system.  And it worked out - he's going to get drafted and get paid millions to play basketball.  But the system is completely broken, and for every guy like him there are probably hundreds if not more who DON'T make it - either because the grades do hold them back or they aren't as talented as people think they are, or some combination.  Just because he made it doesn't mean the system is working. 

Look, the NCAA is a complete joke - not to defend UK but the NCAA cleared him last year and then he helped the NCAA and UK make millions of dollars.  If the NCAA really wants to crack down on academic shenanigans like this, they should not allow correspondence courses, replacement grades, night classes, multiple transfers, etc.  Make high schools pass kids through the system like every other high school kid - and high school student athlete - has to do.  Limit the number of AAU games and tournaments kids can play in.  Basketball is like a full-time job for these kids starting in early high school, and without a real family support system and with adults helping him game the system, is it really a surprise this sort of stuff happens?  The kid probably didn't have time to study and no one was making sure he did. 

It has to be one or the other - the NCAA has to take a hard line and say, these are student-athletes and if they don't make the grades in high school - real high school classes, like everyone else - then tough luck, they can't play.   Or, the NCAA should say, there's too much money to be made here and we're only teaching kids how to cheat by creating and then not enforcing extraordinarily complicated rules.  And these are rules that we've only designed so that we can pretend this whole enterprise is something other than just a way for lots of adults to make a lot of fucking money off of teenage kids while they are legally prohibited from making money in an open market that would gladly pay them more than a semester's tuition, room, board and books. 

But that's where we are as a country today.  BP, Toyota, Goldman Sachs - the current ethos (and maybe it has always been like this) is that a good business seeks to squeeze literally every nickel of profit that it can out of every situation, rules, ethics, laws, safety, health be damned.  Why should the NCAA and college sports be any different? 

If UK and Cal were dumb enough to cheat when they knew the NCAA would have them in the cross-hairs, then they should be punished.  But just because Bledsoe made it, that's only going to encourage other people to try this on other kids who aren't going to make it.  And the NCAA continues to prance around as if it is wearing the finest clothes in the world, and everyone else is making too much money to call it out for being nakedly corrupt.