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Witness: stepfather, girlfriend swung at Knowles first

This is why you don't speculate...unless it's a player on a rival team.

WHAS has the story and a video on their site.

University of Louisville basketball player Preston Knowles and his girlfriend's step-father are telling much different stories to Bullitt County investigators.

WHAS11 News found a man who lives just feet from where the alleged fight happened. 


The man did not want to go on-camera but says he’s being interviewed by detectives on Friday about what he saw.


He says he saw Knowles’ girlfriend hitting Knowles outside the house, and he then saw the step-father walk out and start swinging at Knowles.

The witness at this point says that's when Knowles also swung back and a fight started.

All right, is it seriously that hard for people associated with the Louisville basketball program to eyeball chicks who have the potential to cause serious problems for them? And if it isn't, why are we taking these risks? You're Preston F---ing Knowles for God's sake. When Jessica Biel is giving you too much lip, you move on to Megan Fox.

It's not worth it, men of Cardinal basketball. It's just not.