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CUTOTD: Chris Smith Lives The Life....

So in case you were not aware, there are two new Smiths available to spell Preston! if a ref attacks him with a hairbrush and Preston! has to defend all of those immediately near him.  Transfer Chris Smith (and if you are wondering Who Is Chris Smith?, the answer can be found in the appropriately titled post: Who Is Chris Smith?) could provide some quality minutes off the bench.  He's the younger brother of Denver Nugget JR Smith, and as such, seems to live a pretty interesting life, at least if his tweets are any indication.  So today's CUTOTD (we need a better name for this gimmick) is about how he is spending his Wednesday afternoon:

RT @JR_Swish: Right behind you #nomo RT @liltwist: Just landed in Miami....... #YoungMoney

On the plane to Miami #imready first time every going I'm really #hyped


Read all about his adventures while thinking back to high school and wishing you would have spent a little more time in the weight room and working on your jump shot.