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Cardinal Universe Tweet Of The Day: Vic Changing Positions?

So in case you haven't noticed, and if you haven't, then SMH at you, Twitter has sorta become a big deal.  On any given day, you can read about the lives of dozens of famous people, and know what Russ Smith is doing right that second.

So we here at the Chron (stop calling it that) would like to draw attention to some of those tweets in a near-daily post to either make your day just a little bit better, promote someone in the Cardinal universe (which includes current players, former players, fans, bloggers, media-types, and former Purdue standout Brian Cardinal) or provoke discussion during these generally non-active months in Cardinal sports. 

Today's Cardinal Universe Tweet of the Day comes from arguably the 2010 Cardinal Football team's best player: @vic20anderson

  run some routes today I think I'm gunna be playing wide out this year

well the number is about to change gotta look good out there in the slot ovastand


So, naturally this started some speculation that Vic Anderson was moving positions, which would seem to be huge news. I think this means that he is moving to the slot in the spread offense, and will sort of be the Percy Harvin type player in Sanford's offense.  According to the, Percy Harvin carried the ball more than he caught it during his career at Florida:


There you have it.   We may be reading too much into those two tweets (I confess not to know what "ovastand" means...) but it seems like Vic, our best player, could be moving into a position where he can really do some damage. 

Also, let's do a contest: who can guess what number he ends up with?  Winner gets a pat on the ol' virtual back from me. 

Finally, for entertainment purposes only, here's a classic Vic highlight: