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Anthony Davis to visit Louisville

Anthony Davis, the 6-10 Chicago power forward who went from being virtually unknown to the hottest class of 2011 prospect in the nation earlier this month, will visit Louisville in June. This according to Mike Hughes of 

Davis' story is one that is almost unheard of in this day and age.

Because of his decision to not play AAU ball and to attend a charter school known far more for academics than athletics, Davis was essentially anonymous in the city of Chicago until this spring. This despite putting up some monster numbers at Perspectives Charter School, where he's been a student since the sixth grade. 

"It was kind of frustrating," Davis told ESPN recently. "I was thinking, 'Wayne Blackshear, Mike Shaw, I played with all them guys for a long time when we were little. All those guys in the Red West were doing these big things, but not putting up big numbers, and I'm putting up humungous numbers and I'm not getting known.' I guess they figure since it's the Blue West and they're in the Red West they have better competition than us."    

There's also the fact that this time a year ago Davis was a 6-2 guard. His size, length, lean frame and ability to handle the ball and defend are now drawing comparison after comparison to Tayshaun Prince. 

Davis' world changed after his performance at the Boo Williams Nike Invitational in early April. Weeks later his status on nearly every recruiting web site went from not-evaluated to five-star. He received a scholarship offer from Syracuse on May 2, and offers from Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin days later. 

"I didn't expect nothing like this," Davis said. "I knew I would have some colleges and some media attention, but not like this, not a whole lot. It's been hectic, but it's a great experience. It's really crazy to have a lot of coaches calling me wanting me to come to their school. I thought before, 'I guess I'll be going to Cleveland State.' No one recognized me. To have all these coaches calling me is a real big thing."

Throwing a scholarship at a one-week wonder is always a risk, but ESPN recruiting expert Reggie Rankin, who attended the Nike event, says Davis is the real deal. 

"Once you see him, it's a no-brainer," Rankin said. "He was very, very impressive, and I saw him at 8 o'clock in the morning in a small high school gym. His upside is big-time. He's got size and skill. He's got unbelievable hands. He can catch tough passes and finish them. He can make mid-range jumpers. He can rebound and bust out dribble on the break.

"He was the best player I saw this weekend. He's really good, man. He's got a chance to very special. The only thing he is lacking is strength. Once he gets that strength down, he's as good of a post as I've seen in that class."

I love kids who begin their high school careers as guards and then hit a late growth spurt which forces them to learn how to also lay in the post before they head to college. This, combined with the fact that he stayed away from the AAU scene and attended a school known primarily for academics has me really excited about the fact that we're on him. 

Let's get this kid.