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Blackshear No. 8 in latest Scout 100

Dave Telep elaborates...kind of.

There’s a big time battle cooking in the Windy City between an established star and an up and comer. No. 8 Wayne Blackshear is a cooker. His upper body was built for contact and his game is smooth. Heading into the spring, we’d have thought there was some major distance between he and the next best player in his hometown. Now, there’s competition.

Anthony Davis is simply put, the fastest rising player in the Class of 2011. At No. 9, we’re certainly being aggressive with his ranking but we believe there’s reason to be excited. The former guard, is now the owner of a 6-foot-9 frame, a jump shot, ambidextrous work in the lane and an upside that could be as significant as any post player in his class. He’s hardly a household name, which works, in his favor.

Kentucky commits Michael Gilchrist and Marquis Teague (MARQUIS TEAGUE!!!!!!) were first and third, respectively, while future Cardinals Zach Price and Ryan Taylor came in at No. 76 and No. 83.

Other U of L targets on the list:

Quincy Miller (2)

Tony Wroten (18)

Mike Shaw (45)

Jabarie Hinds (47)

Damien Leonard (51)

Angel Nunez (100)