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Fake John Calipari, Real Marquis Teague and Facebook

OK, there's apparently zero chance of letting this die without addressing it in some detail, so here we go...

Recently, a Louisville fan signed up for Facebook and created a fake profile for Kentucky head coach John Calipari. It's not something I would do and it's not something I advocate, but it's been happening since the initial AOL boom in the '90s. 

In the fan's own words:  "I didn't want to take credit for it at first, to keep UK losers from trying to hack my account and/or track me down in real life but I don't really care anymore. It was me. I was bored. It is real."

Anyhow, Fake John Calipari sends the following private message to the (apparently) real profile for recently-committed super recruit Marquis Teague:

Just wanted to make sure you know that it is very important nobody ever know any of the details. We will make big things happen for you and make you a star player, but this commitment must work both ways. If the public ever got word of exactly what goes on behind the scenes, it would be bad news for a lot of people. Cool?

Teague's response: "Yea."

Fake Calipari has also posted the following screen shots to prove the validity of his account and the messages:

To be honest, I'd be more disappointed if the "I HAD GAVE UP ON UK TILL YOU SHOWED!" guy was fake than I would be if the Marquis Teague stuff proved to be a farce. That guy is awesome. 

So this is what I know. If you have any more questions, you can find me somewhere where hard alcohol is served and nobody's ever heard of FarmVille.