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NYT: Football, Not Basketball, Could Determine Future of Big East

Interesting article today in the paper of record about the future of the Big East.  A couple of tidbits:

The ESPN senior vice president Burke Magnus said that in terms of television viewership, there was a huge disparity between even the most meaningful regular-season college basketball game and a Saturday afternoon football game.

Magnus said football had "definitely become the driver."

As for the doomsday scenario of the demise of the Big East, delivered last week by the former Syracuse athletic director Jake Crouthamel, there has not been much hand-wringing from the Big East’s nonfootball-playing universities over the future. Surely, the coaches and administrators are curious how everything will play out. But there is a confidence among the nonfootball colleges that they will be able to stay together, probably in an all-Catholic league.

I assume under the all-Catholic basketball-only conference, we would be leaving the Big East and joining the ACC or SEC, more likely the ACC than SEC I would guess based on UK's objections.  If they did go to 16-team super conferences, I would not mind being in the ACC for football and basketball, assuming we take WVU and Cinci with us. 

But it sounds like this is years away anyway.  Everything in life and college sports is cyclical and temporary, so just enjoy it while you can.