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Wroten: Marquis Teague will commit to Kentucky

Tony Wroten also insinuated in December that Grambling State was the leader for his services, so maybe he just pulled the most ill-advised prank in history and is completely unprepared for the world of poorly-worded hurt about to be brought down on him...or maybe he's secretly depressed and this is how he copes...or maybe he actually did talk to Marquis Teague tonight and Marquis Teague actually did tell him that he's going to Kentucky. Damnit.

A glance at Wroten's Twitter page reveals the Renton diving in a Scottish toilet disgustingness of the world of college basketball recruiting in 2010, but below are the comments of importance(?) here:

Yea I jus got off da phone wit him. RT @redsoxcat u talk to him?@TWroten5 Yessir. Mr.teague will b a kentucky wildcat. Its final

Yessir. Mr.teague will b a kentucky wildcat. Its final. RT @JimmyClifford84 @TWroten5 teague gonna wear blue?

Wait so wen I make my announcement is da big blue nation gone come to seattle like they doing for my bro teague? Lol

RT @UKBasketball09 100% Teague is HEADED TO#KENTUCKY!!!! Prepare for the UL meltdown!!

I'll save any additional comment until the young man actually makes an official announcement tomorrow afternoon, but this coupled with multiple members of the national media insinuating that Teague to Kentucky was likely makes tomorrow morning's coffee less appealing than it was a few hours ago.

So Teaguemas is (temporarily...Rudolph?) cancelled. I am, however, prepared to turn my attention to the excitement of ValenHinds Day. 

I have friends I swear to god.