Louisville’s place in the new conference alignment

I have a hard time believing that if any Big East school were offered by the Big Ten, they wouldn’t go. It looks like they are looking for (at least) three schools. Best case scenario for the BE, we lose two schools (Rutgers, Syracuse, Pittsburgh).

So, that leaves the BE with five or six members trying to add more, while at the same time the SEC and ACC looking to expand. What happens to Louisville?

UConn is gone to the ACC. WVU fits the profile of the SEC (if they don’t try to pick up two from Texas). I don’t think either one would rather be in a conference with Memphis, ECU and Southern Miss. I would not be very excited about CUSA 2.0 myself. No offense to them, but I just don’t see Cincy or USF getting and invites at this time.

That maybe leaves a spot for us in the ACC or the SEC.

Would we be better off in the ACC, the new Big East, or the SEC?