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Adam Zagoria: Samardo to enter NBA Draft

Coach Pitino announced this morning in a press conference that Samardo would return next year and would enter the NBA draft next Summer. A few hours later, college basketball journalist/blogger Adam Zagoria, via Twitter, announced that Samardo has entered this Summer's draft, sans agent:

Louisville sophomore Samardo Samuels enters NBA Draft. "I am looking forward to showing GM's across the NBA my total repertoire of skills."

Now Louisville people saying Samardo testing the waters and won't definitely go...Stay tuned.

So the Jamaican Basketball Association issued a release with quotes from Samardo saying he's entering the draft. Louisville says not true.

These 2 bodies need to get on the same page instead of issuing quotes under Samardo's name.

Ajani Williams of the Jamaica Basketball Association insists Samardo Samuels has declared for Draft. He was calling the Louisville folks.

Whether this story-rumor turns out to be true or not, I think we all know who to blame. The real issue here is the [mis]communication between coach and player. And potentially what ground would be lost in recruiting his replacement should Samardo actually get drafted this Summer.

No matter how you feel about Samardo, Pitino or this developing situation, I doubt anyone reading this is reacting positively.

UPDATE: Press Release From the Jamaica Basketball Association (via Samardo Samuels to Enter 2010 NBA Draft

'Nuff people say,

you know they can't believe

Jamaica Basketball,

we have a PR team.