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Jeremy Wright out for spring game

Following in the footsteps of Victor Anderson and Darius Ashley before him, Jeremy Wright has been this year's freshman running back spring practice star that everyone can't stop talking about. Unfortunately for Wright and for Louisville fans, the former East Ridge High star will miss tomorrow night's Red-White game with a sports hernia that will sideline him until fall camp.

I'm in a Lexington wedding this weekend and won't be able to make it out to the game, but for those who will, here's the format and some additional notes:

--Four 15-minute quarters.

--The clock will run continuously, which means the game should only last an hour and-a-half or so. 

--The first team offense will face the second team defense and the second team offense will face the first team defense. 

--The east side of the stadium will not be open.

--Quarterbacks Justin Burke, Adam Froman and Will Stein will all take snaps with the first team offense...AT THE SAME TIME...No, no I'm just joking, they'll take turns.

Everyone enjoy the game and please share your thoughts once you get back.