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Jody Demling doesn't think Justin Coleman will qualify

It's just a prediction, but no one in the city has a stronger finger on the pulse of the recruiting world, so this is pretty worrisome. 

As far as the pick of what's going to happen? I'll take a stab and it's a littler easier than the Kentucky and Indiana picks for this spring.

With Smith and Justice already joining the Cardinals' roster, I believe Dieng will make a commitment before the end of the month. On the other hand, Coleman is still trying to get qualified and I'll predict he doesn't make it.

But if Coleman doesn't make grades, could there be another surprise?

Coleman would absolutely step in and play big minutes right away, so there's no point in acting like him not qualifying would be anything less than an enormous blow to a season that already appears as up in the air as any in the Pitino era. 

Losing him after the aerial display he put on last weekend would be pretty cruel.