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Big East Tournament Evening Session Open Thread

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A little tardy, but all we've missed is Seton Hall attempting to hang 200 on Providence and the Friars responding with technical after technical. It's been awesome.

We'll find out who Louisville's Wednesday night opponent will be in a few short hours. 

8:42 - Nothing to do with the game, but I'm a little shocked that Scottie Reynolds didn't take home Big East POY. Making it even more confusing is the fact that Reynolds was the lone unanimous selection to the All-Conference team. Not quite as confusing as John Wall being SEC Player of the Year but not Freshman of the Year, but confusing nonetheless. 

Unlike in college football, where performance down the stretch often carries too much weight when it comes to postseason awards, I think college basketball players get far too much credit for what they do in the early part of the season. You can't tell me that if you flip-flopped the first and second half seasons of John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins that Cousins wouldn't have more of a shot at the Wooden Award. 

Wes Johnson is a tremendous player, but he hasn't been the same since his injury, and Reynolds has been tremendous over that same span. Both are very deserving, just saying I'm a little surprised. 

9:00 - Greg Auman tweet: 

Seton Hall, Providence have broken 28-year-old record for total points (187) in regulation Big East tournament game. Still 3:09 left here.

So that's neat.

9:09 - This is decently unreal. Providence has cut it to 104-99 and Seton Hall can't take a dribble or make a pass without giving the ball away. The Pirates led by 29 at one point.

9:20 - Providence comes/is allowed all the way back, but misses a three at the buzzer to fall by three, 109-106 in the highest-scoring Big East Tournament game ever.