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Open Thread: Big East Tournament Early Session

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I think Terrence Jennings holding Jerry Smith's baby epitomizes the day pretty well. Why? You're deep, you figure it out. 

Anyway, I'll be in and out with updates so feel free to ESPN360 or JustinTV (or, for people I hate, watch from the comfort of your home) it up and join the party. 

12:10 - Missed the crazy BET intro that ESPN always puts together and am now left with only 716 opportunities to check it out.

Also, if Cartoon Jerry were coaching this game I totally would have picked Depaul. JERRY WAINWRIGHT DOES NOT LOSE EXPANDED BIG EAST TOURNAMENT FIRST ROUND GAMES. As it is, I guess I'll root for South Florida since I want the most possible number of Big East teams to make the dance and since the Bulls haven't crashed the party since the (insert name of funny old American president here) administration. 

It's 8-4, USF early.

12:35 - Dominique Jones going a little bit crazy as USF has opened up a 17-point lead. He's got 14 already.

This might be as close to performing in prime time as he ever gets. 

12:45 - Bulls lead it 30-15 at the break. Dom Jones leads all scorers with 14 and the Georgetown assistant who had to do the just-in-case scout of Depaul is pissed. 

1:00 - Former Notre Dame forward Zach Hillesland is live-blogging the action for the NYT. In related news, Eric Devendorf learned how to spell "coat."

1:10 - USF getting sloppy and Depaul at least trying to make this watchable as the lead is down to ten. 

Wainwright's Blue Demons would be up five. That's a fact. 

1:14 - The two teams are a combined 0-17 from behind the three-point line. 

1:20 - 9-0 Depaul run and it's 34-28, USF.


1:36 - South Florida leads by 13. CJW softly weeps. 

2:02 - The South Florida Bulls get their first taste of Big East Tournament victory, mercifully ending Depaul's season with a 58-49 loss. Dominique Jones and Will Walker each scored 20 points to lead the way for their respective teams. 

3:03 - St. John's is hammering UConn, 35-18 with a minute to play in the first half. No one was sure how this one would go, and now we have an early answer. Even if the Huskies come back to win this one, I foresee no miracle run on the horizon. 

3:22 - Justin Burrell gets T'd up late, but the Red Storm still carries a 35-22 lead into the break. Sean Evans and Gavin Edwards each have eight to lead the way for their squads. 

4:00 - Johnnies still maintaining a 53-42 lead with a little under eight to play. 

Could this be how the Jim Calhoun era at UConn ends? If so, it's really sad. 

4:19 - Connecticut has completely quit. This is eerily reminiscent of another dismal performance against St. John's in the Garden. Not sure who the visitors were, but I'm sure it'll come back to me.