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Quotes from Freedom Hall Finale

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Fran Fraschilla: "Got the feeling Pervis Ellison is back there contesting shots even though he's in the 2nd row?"

Dave Pasch (ESPN play-by-play): "I'll bet Pervis Ellison's never even heard of Kyle Kuric"

Pasch: "One of the great individual 2nd Half performances in Freedom Hall history by a guy who doesn’t play a lot"

Fraschilla: "I’m going out with him [Kyle Kuric] tonight!"

Pasch: "Darrel Griffith’s here, Pervis Ellison is here…Kyle Kuric is here"

Rick Pitino: "Kyle Kuric…he’ll remember it—the last night in Freedom Hall--for the rest of his life"

Rick Bozich: "What'd they [former Cardinal players] say?"

Kyle Kuric: "Great game...atta way."

Bozich: "They know who you were?" 

Kuric: "They do now."