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I Do Not Believe What I Just Saw

I was there, I know I was there, I have the ticket to prove it.  I saw people I know there, and they will vouch for me.  I can describe the pre-game scene, the post-game scene, the horrible hour-long wait in the parking lot to get out....but I do not believe everything in between.

It still doesn't seem real.  Every senior day is sad, every time you leave Freedom Hall for the last game of the season you kinda look around, take it all in but realize that there is lots more basketball left to play this season, and then there's a long off season but before you know eventually that there will be exhibition games and you'll be back in Freedom Hall.  Leaving today sorta felt like that.  It still doesn't feel real. 

No matter how nice the new arena is, and it will be outstanding I'm sure, and how awesome the downtown sports/entertainment complex ends up being, there will never be another Freedom Hall.