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Happy(?) Senior Day

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Ah, Senior Day, a day bursting with such an eclectic mix of emotions that you're never sure exactly how you should feel 20 minutes before the tip or 20 minutes after the final horn.

There's a game to be won, and of course that's the top priority, but properly honoring a group of players who have done absolutely all they can for four years to add to the rich history of the basketball program you love runs a pretty close second.

We spend a lot of time questioning the decisions these 18-23-year-olds make over the course of a 40-minute basketball game, but something that should never be questioned is the level of effort and determination it takes to bust your ass day after day, month after month, year after year for four collegiate seasons, partly so that we as fans can have something to look forward to twice a week during the winter. That type of commitment demands respect, and to me that's what Senior Day is all about, regardless of who it is playing their last home game.

This Senior Day is obviously carrying some additional weight, but let's all remember to give Chris Brickley, Reginald Delk, Edgar Sosa and Jerry Smith their proper due. 


Thank you.