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A few programming notes

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1. Last night sucked.

2. I'm going to be writing for CBS for the next couple of weeks, covering a few of the conference tournaments - including the Big East - for their tournament blog.

You haven't really read Mike Rutherford until you've read Mike Rutherford on the SWAC. It's like going on and on about A Farewell to Arms without ever having cracked To Have and Have Not. Yes it is. Exactly the same. 

In all seriousness, I'm extremely excited about the opportunity to play a part in covering (in however minor a capacity) my favorite two weeks of the sporting year. When I found out last night that I'd been assigned the CAA and the SoCon, which figure to be two of the more competitive tournaments this postseason, I gave a 100% serious and over-the-top fist pump. 

Say a small prayer for those who know and love me this month. 

3. I'm also going to be assisting TNIAAM's Sean Keeley with coverage of the Big East Tournament for both CBS and  

4. LEO Weekly has asked me to pen a column on U of L for its March Madness issue, which will run next week.

Basically I'm trying to prepare everyone to be underwhelmed in new and exciting ways all March. 

5. Last night's dismal effort is still stinging, making it hard to remember that Freedom Hall will be housing Louisville basketball for the final time (don't say anything) in just three short days. 

Given my age and the fact that I've never been a season ticket holder, there's only so much I can say on the subject without the words containing zero sense of sincerity. Because of this, I'd love it if some of you all could share your own thoughts or memories in the FanPosts section so I can bump them onto the front page. 

Let's regroup and remember how much there's still left to play for.