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Spring Football Link-o-Rama

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So, Spring Practice starts tomorrow.  That's fun.  I will not be able to make it out tomorrow (San Diego for a work trip, then hanging out with hothot in Vegas for the Thursday Sweet 16 games, nice) but I hope to go Saturday morning.

In case you missed it, the spring practice schedule is here

Video of Coach Strong's press conference today:



Your spring depth chart here.

Quick thoughts on the depth chart.  First, things will probably change some when the freshman get here this summer, more so than the last few years.  A lot of freshman will compete for minutes.  Especially at WR, where we are really thin - don't be surprised to see a couple freshman starting the UK game.

Also, ROCK KEYS sighting, at DT.

Excited to be excited about Cardinal football again.  Anyone going out for practices this week?  Remember, if you see Mike, only speak to him if spoken to and do NOT look at him in the eyes.  He will take it as a challenge to his authority.