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For the Pitino/Current senior class haters

Total Big East Conference Wins 2006-Current
2009-2010 2008-2009 2007-2008 2006-2007 Total
Louisville 11 16 14 12 53
Pittsburgh 13 15 10 12 50
Syracuse 15 11 9 10 45
Georgetown 10 7 15 13 45
Villanova 13 13 9 9 44
Marquette 11 12 11 10 44
West Virginia 13 10 11 9 43
Connecticut 7 15 13 6 41

I hear it on the radio call-in shows. Its heavily debated on the message boards. "Rick Pitino can't recruit." "He can't coach his players up." "Always underachieving."  "This senior class was full of wasted talent." Well friends, the data are the data. This senior class has more Big East wins than any other team, by far, during their 4 years here. Sosa and Smith have been starters or got major PT during those four years. Do you think Jim Calhoun's career is on the line at the bball powerhouse Connecticut?  No, he just got an extension. Is JT3 worrying about his job security at tradition-rich Georgetown?  Hell no.  Rick Pitino is a good great coach. Do you really want to trade the most successful coach in the best league in the nation for something better? I think not. Would it be nice to have a lack of Pitino-involved scandal every year? Yes, of course.

Thank you Seniors. We wish you the best.