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Things I Hate

Here are some things that I hate.  Some of them have to do with college basketball:


   ESPNU announcers who love Marquette

  Rick Pitino's substitution patterns and starting line-up tinkering

  Samardo Samuels's inability to successfully manage a double team.


  Looking forward to a game for two solid days and building it up and getting all excited, and then we come out and play our worst game of the year.

  Long road trips.  The only other time we've played like that this season was on an extended trip to NYC for the SJU game because of the snow.


  Talk about "the bubble" and "bracketology" even this close to Selection Sunday.  There is lots of basketball left to play.

  Tom Crean. 

  Lack of defense or half-time adjustments

  Chalking up a bad loss to "match-ups" and then getting our hopes up to beat Syracuse

  When college basketball season ends. 


Anything you hate?  Feel free to share.