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Night Thread: Countdown to Cal

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Just a few more games (read: like 10) left to go before the roller coaster ride continues your 2009-2010 Louisville Men's Basketball team takes the floor against Bears.  Honest to goodness Bears.

There was a poll earlier this week about what a "success" would look like at this point.  Clearly a loss tonight, especially one in which we either give up a big lead or get blown out, would be a frustrating end to a frustrating season.   A win tonight and we're all hyping each other over a long-awaited match up with Duke on Sunday in a game that even the most optimistic among us view as a "chance to upset Duke" and not "we matchup well against an overrated Duke team and this is our time." 

I think I'm overthinking it.  Let's just not lose.  That's all I ask.  I don't want to get off this roller coaster just yet.


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