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Wussiest Mascot Tournament: THE EAST

Moving on to the East: Some of my favorite mascots are in this region. For my money, you can't beat the Mountaineers. There aren't too many lame mascots coming out of the East regional.

(1) Kentucky Wildcats vs. (16) East Tennessee State Buccaneers

This is a tough call.Scratch bumped them down a notch. He looks more like a cute puppy than a Wildcat. I've also been afraid of Pirates of the Carribbean ever since I went to Disney when I was 5. It's a small world after all still haunts my dreams.


(8) Texas Longhorns vs. (9) Wake Forest Demon Deacons

Think Deacons can't be badass? BOOM.



Let's see a Longhorn not named Colt McCoy pull off a bowtie and top hat while haulin' ass 


(5) Temple Owls vs. (12) Cornell Big Red

Cornell. Ever heard of it?



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John Cheney apparently is not impressed. Even though their official mascot is a psychotic looking teddy bear, Big Red is still moving on.


(4) Wisconsin Badgers vs. (13) Wofford Terriers



Badgers don't pimp like this dog does.


(6) Marquette Golden Eagles vs. (11) Washington Huskies

Do the Eagles have large talons? Do they have what? Large talons.  I don't understand a word you just said.

(3) New Mexico Lobos vs. (14) Montana Grizzlies

See grizzly bear comment


(7) Clemson Tigers vs. (10) Missouri Tigers

IMO, both of these mascots suck. Here's Clemsons. Here's Mizzou's. Neither one is going on.


2) West Virginia Mountaineers vs. (15) Morgan State Bears

I guarantee the Mountaineer Man has a Bearskin rug back in his condo.


Since most of these mascots are awesome, I'm going to go ahead and crown the Cornell Big Red as king wuss of the East regional.