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Louisville/Cal set for 9:45 Friday night

If I remember correctly, this is third time in Louisville's last four trips to the dance that they've played their first round game in the last possible time slot. 

U of L opened as a one-point underdog in Vegas, but are now a one-point favorite after five hours of betting. 

Though the start time would certainly seem to benefit the left-coasters, here's a quick review of Louisville's last three meetings with Pac-10 foes in the NCAA Tournament:

4) Louisville 93, 1) Washington 79 (2005)
6) Louisville 78, 11) Stanford 58 (2007)
1) Louisville 103, 12) Arizona 64 (2009)

Here's hoping Earl Clark's available to do the scout.

For coverage from people who know what conference Arizona is in, check out California Golden Blogs in the days leading up to Friday night.