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A look at Louisville's potential first round opponents

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The feel on this Selection Sunday afternoon is different than any other since I've been doing this blog. 

Louisville fans are sure that the Cards are in the field of 65, but no one is especially confident that they will be advancing past the tournament's opening weekend. You also get the sense that there isn't a considerable amount of tension in the hours leading up to the revealing of the bracket because the general consensus is that this team can beat badly or lose badly to any team that might pop up opposite their name. When that's the case, the nervousness surrounding potential opening round opponents is understandably diminished. 

I think U of L will be no higher than an eight, and no lower than an 11 (my guess is ten). With that in mind, here's the list of their potential first round opponents:

St. Mary's
Florida State
Oklahoma State
San Diego State
Georgia Tech
Northern Iowa
Utah State

If it's any one outside these 18 teams, I'll be very surprised.

So out of that group, who do you want to see? Who do you not want to see? How do you feel about DeMarcus Cousins?

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