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The People Have Spoken, the B***ards: Kyle "The Kure" Kuric

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To quote Mo Udall, "The people have spoken, the b***ards."  The most controversial nickname vote on CardChronicle since the infamous "T-Far v. The Candyman" debate of 2006 (of course, with a much smaller readership, the final vote was 7-4) has ended with Kyle "The Kure" Kuric as the leading vote-getter.


The Kure's reaction, when reached with the news, via

Here are the final results:

Nickname Votes Percentage
The Kure 144 21%
Special K 118 17%
K2 102 14%
Others Doesn't matter Doesn't matter


Anyway, in order to prevent a rebellion, the CardChron staff has made the following decisions:

1)  You can call Kyle whatever you want, even if his "official" nickname is The Kure

2)  You must call Mike: Batman.


Good luck tonight K2 and The Ruth.  Play and live-blog like champions!