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Pitino says Siva and Sosa may both start

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While breaking the news that senior guard Jerry Smith will miss the Big East Tournament because of an injured thumb, Louisville head coach Rick Pitino stated that he was considering starting freshman Peyton Siva at point guard Wednesday night and sliding Edgar Sosa over to the two spot.

Pitino justified the potential move by stating that Sosa seemed to enjoy playing at the two during Monday's practice, and added that he might actually be more comfortable playing off the ball, something he did in high school. 

This would all be well and fine...if Pitino hadn't completely shot down the move the 55,000 times or so that it has been proposed to him over the course of Sosa's career. 

Here's one of the tidbits from our recap of Pitino's Jan. 29 press conference:

Moving Edgar Sosa to the two is not an option because Edgar doesn't defend well from the two spot on the press and is too small to guard a lot of the shooting guards in the Big East one-on-one. It would also take away his ability to be a playmaker off the pick-and-roll. He understands why it's being suggested (Jerry's shooting woes and Edgar' reliable outside stroke), but doesn't think Sosa would be as good at the two as Preston Knowles. Says bringing this topic up to Edgar is enough to send him into a panic attack.

It's easy enough to chalk stuff like this up to "Pitino being Pitino," but I'd be lying if I said it didn't irk me just a tad. When he makes completely contradictory comments like this, he's essentially admitting that it's foolish to take anything he says seriously. I don't think it's anything to get angry about, it's just a bit frustrating. 

All that being said, I'd be shocked if Preston Knowles didn't start and even more shocked if Siva and Sosa spent any more than 12 minutes on the floor together tonight.