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"I f--cking love you man!"

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Has anyone calmed down yet?  I was wired for like the first three hours after that game ended.  Still can't believe we won.

Use this as general post-game discussion of the game, the week ahead and how awesome of a moment the Jerry Smith/Edgar Sosa celebration was.  Especially Sosa's "You're my brother" response.

Game ball to everyone: Kuric (huge 3's, HUGE steal with under a minute), Preston! (earned his ! back with 7 quick points), Samardo (second half version), Jennings (dunk/block), Siva (quality minutes in both halves), Swop (2 huge 3's), Delk (good defense, as was pointed out to me in the game thread), Jerry (Jerry!),  Pitino for whatever adjustments they made to the zone to result in so many steals in the second halves, the refs for not calling fouls on our guards when they made clean steals, and of course, Edgar, for another good game and the game-winning shot. 

Now we go to Marquette, who has played and won 3 straight overtime games after losing a bunch of close games.  The roller coaster continues, at least we are on our way back up.

Edit:  Video from the Hartford Courant site: