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Charlie Strong is a top candidate for the Florida job

According to Joe Goodman of The Miami Herald, Florida's list of candidates to replace Urban Meyer currently consists of: Charlie Strong, Dan Mullen, Jim Harbaugh, Chris Peterson, Garry Patterson, and Randy Edsall.

The common thought is that this is Mullen's job to take. He already made an initial denial(?) earlier today by responding to a reporter's text about Meyer stepping down and his potential interest in the job with: "News to me. Happy at State." So that totally settles it. Absolutely no way Dan Mullen goes to Florida. What's the sarcasm font thing again?

Only if Mullen turns the job down will complete and utter freakout mode be justified (partial freakout mode is acceptable at the moment), and even then I have a hard time believing Strong would get priority over a guys like Harbaugh and Peterson who have far more experience and success. But (damnit), they love him in Gainesville and I'm sure they've taken notice of both the on and off-field success that Strong has had here in just under a year.

If Florida does land someone else, then Meyer stepping down now and not in 2012 or 2013 may end up being one of the biggest breaks this program has ever caught.

Hold your breath. OK, breathe again, but still be worried about Charlie Strong leaving because he's awesome.