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What to watch: 12/28/10

Apologies for the lame start to Rivalry Week. I was involved in a fairly nasty wreck this morning and the resulting fun has occupied most of the day.

Long story short: Kristin Cavalier is dead, I'm super sore, and the uninsured driver who blew through a stop sign on Vine Street has tainted my Winter Break just a tad.



Minnesota at Wisconsin (7:00/ESPN2)

Basketball you have to appreciate, but can never really enjoy. The Pianist of Division 1 hoops.

DePaul at Cincinnati (7:00/ESPNU)

A rematch of the classic 9/16 2009 Big East Tournament opener. I'm joking. Boot DePaul.

Coppin State at Basketball Academy of Lexington (7:00/FSN)

A final tune-up for BAL before the season-finale against their in-state arch-rival on Dec. 31. After that, the Academy turns its attention to its real season, which begins in late May.

Albany at Xavier (7:00/FS Ohio)

A cool story this week as Albany's head coach offered Xavier's leading scorer Mark Lyons, who was snowed in while visiting his home in New York, a ride on the team bus back to Cincinnati.

South Florida at Seton Hall (7:00/Big East Network/SNY/MASN)

The downside to conference play starting is that these games are starting too.

North Carolina vs. Rutgers (9:00/ESPN2)

This is your night, ACC fans. Get all your chest-thumping out before the new year.

Providence at Syracuse (9:00/ESPNU)

Bryce Cotton is practically 1/5 Cardinal, which means Providence has a significantly better chance of pulling this upset than the rest of the nation realizes.

Pepperdine at Alabama (9:00/CSS)


Long Beach State at UC-Santa Barbara (11:00/ESPNU)

The Big West and my sleep timer begin their on-and-off three-month relationship.