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Your 2010 Card Chronicle Man of the Year ballot

The nominees:

1. AnVillen/VillenHD


--Came out of nowhere and started making the most immaculate Louisville basketball highlight videos ever.

--Has managed to keep his true identity a mystery.

--Is accompanied by his own superhero theme music at all times.

2. Charlie Strong



--Named Big East co-coach of the year in his first season as a head coach.

--Led Louisville to its first bowl appearance, bowl victory, and winning season in four years.

--Is poised to bring in the most highly-touted recruiting class in U of L football history.

3. Austin Montgomery



--Introduced us (and Providence) to Bryce Cotton.

--Piggybacked CC through the summer with his prose.

--Established himself as Card Chronicle's "WorldWide Wes and William Shakespeare rolled into one person."

4. Ken Lolla



--Led Louisville to its first College Cup appearance and was named National Coach of the Year in the process.

--Gave us no choice but to watch non-World Cup soccer for the first time in 85% of our lives.

--Made the U of L soccer scarf a last-minute Christmas must-have.

So now it falls to you. Who is the Card Chronicle Man of the Year?

Polls close in 24 hours.