Are we back? Who cares.


What an event. What a statement. What a game.

My first words when talking about what I just saw have to be Thank you.

Thank you to this Cardinal team. Thank you for being the Bridge to the future. But thank you most for being the pillars of today. We all want to talk about what we can do and what recognition we may get down the road. But first I think we should talk about what we are.

We are winners. A bunch of kids who were winners who became losers are winners again. This group of seniors stepped up and showed who they really are. Winners.

We have 4 year seniors. 5 year seniors. coaches. jucos. transfers. walk ons. recruiters. true freshman, redshirts. subs. stars. We have a team of contributers from just about every angle.

There are a ton of great stories on this team. Dougy B, Bilal, Patrick, Burke, Froman, Cam Graham, Heath, Stein, Chichester, Bellamy, Scruggs, Dexter. Charlie.

This thread is to talk about your favorite Card from this team. What part of the Cardinal Universe made the biggest mark on this season. Who are you going to remember down the road if we do get all the way "back"?

I say the story of this team is (as much as I want to say Bilal) the defensive unit as a whole. All those boys from Gnat to Burns to Savoy to Holton to Tatum who stepped up and made themselves in to the heart and soul of this team. Guys who played to their potential. And guys who took their game to another level.

I salute these boys and thank them for a job well done. What about you?