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Last chance to play CC Bowl Pick 'Em

The games start tomorrow, so again, here's the deal as laid out by hothot earlier this week:

Despite Mike's hatred for anything related to exclamation points, we're again going with Yahoo!.

Here's what you need to do in order to join the fun:

1. Sign up for a free Yahoo! account if you don't already have one.

2. Go here and click "Join a Group."

3. Type in the league ID (26591) and league password (beefhelmet) to get into the group. The password, beefhelmet, is one word and all lower-case.

4. Fill out your picks for all 35 bowl games and assign confidence points accordingly (1 point being the least confidence in the pick, 35 points being the most confidence in the pick).

5. Enter the tiebreaker score for the National Championship game in the appropriate blocks below your picks.

This year's champion will receive an unmolested poster of the 2006-07 Orange Bowl-winning Louisville Cardinal Football Team that features the '06 seniors, regular season schedule and a tear-off Rally's coupon that expired four years ago. But wait, there's more. The champ will also get to post a 1,000 word story about the topic of their choice on the front page of Card Chronicle.


Next year's prize: Mini-beef helmets + CardsFan922's co-author privileges

Good luck.