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Strong: "I'm totally committed to this job"

The money quotes:

‎--"I will say this, an athletic director hired me and he gave me the keys to this program and I owe him a lot and I will never ever chase a job and I am totally committed to this job here. I can't see myself, when you talk about character, you talk about respect, you talk about sacrifice, I don't see myself walking out o...n a program in one year to go chase another job."

--"The reason we're in a bowl game is because our 25 seniors decided to lead this football team. We made tremendous strides because of the leadership of our seniors. I didn't set any goals in terms of wins or losses; I just wanted to put a product on the field everybody would be pleased and happy with. Each game we got better and better."

--"An AD hired me and gave me the keys to this program, and I owe him a lot. I will never, ever chase a job. I'm totally committed to this job here."

--"We said, let's just get to a bowl game this year. And from then on, we'll take the program each year and make it better and better."

--On being down 35-14 at Oregon State as a turning point:

"I said 'guys, we're not going to get embarrassed out here, so you'd better start playing.' You could see it right then. I told them, from here out, there's no reason we can't go play."


If I don't get this sweatshirt for Christmas I am going to throw an absolute fit.