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The Lexington media might be taking Mike Hartline a bit too seriously

I honestly don't care about Hartline getting arrested at all, but this video is too amazing not to address.

Why is the Lexington media treating Mike Hartline like he's Peyton Manning? Can you imagine Matt Hobbs or Fred Cowgill camping out and then sprinting after Adam Froman at 5 in the morning?

I think the fact that he's getting into a generic Lexington taxi might be the best part. Which poor bastard got that assignment?

The real loser in all of this, of course, is Ashley Kathleen Carnes, who became the 75,000th female UK student to get busted for public intoxication and possession of a fake ID, and the first to have the news broadcast live on local television. All in one night. Tough break, Ashley, but that's the risk you take when you make the conscious choice to live the fast life with rock stars like Mike Hartline.