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The 2010 Louisville football season from an emotional standpoint

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The following video, moreso than any other ever made, captures the emotional trip the 2010 Louisville football season has taken me on.

"Throwing a Fit" = Kragthorpe era

Early Unbridled Giddiness = Anticipation for the Strong era/2010 season

Smile Slightly Dissipating = Kentucky game

Unspeakably Happy Dancing = Weeks 2-4

Toned Down Dancing With Hint of a Smile = Cincy loss

Return of Loud Music/Dancing = UConn win

Music Turned Down, Tears, Confusion = Pitt loss

Music Returns, Dancing Returns = Syracuse Win

Song Ends, Confusion, Despair, Tears = South Florida and West Virginia losses

Music Returns, Happiness Reigns = Louisville beats Rutgers and waits on a bowl bid

"Dog Days are Over" is also pretty fitting. This is art: