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Rodney Purvis wraps up visit to Louisville

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Rodney Purvis, the 2012 prospect who Jerry Meyer calls "one of the best scoring guards I've scouted in the eight years I've been doing this," just wrapped up his Louisville visit and told Jody Demling that it was "wonderful."

Purvis, who is currently averaging 34.3 ppg as a junior for Upper Room Christian (N.C.), posted the following picture this afternoon:


Other relevant tweets...

Having a blast at the Ville !

Just got out of Acting Class with my man Rock. #comedy

Loving it here..

Great conversation with Coach P.

Great win for the Cards !

Shouts out to all Cardinal fans and their amazing student section !!

I think we've all learned that getting excited about things of this nature is foolish, but it's still nice to know that U of L is in good standing at this juncture. It's also promising that Purvis has a solid relationship with Tim Fuller.

Here's what's at stake:

Though the video asks whether or not Purvis is the best player in the class of 2013, he has reclassified to the class of 2012.

ESPN is the only scouting service which has him ranked post-reclassification, and they have him as the second-best shooting guard and No. 7 overall.

Bottom Line:
Purvis is a wing scorer that can get to the rim from anywhere on the floor and finish through contact. He is aggressive and plays in attack mode on both ends. He also has very good all around skill in the areas of ball handling and passing. Purvis is very talented and is productive on a consistent basis. Purvis is fun to watch and as he brings toughness and competitiveness to the floor each and every time out.

He's also being recruited by Duke, North Carolina, Texas, Kentucky, Memphis, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest and Georgia Tech.