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Prediction Time: Seriously, Don't Say Anything

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Ya, so....big game against South Florida.  Not for any particular reason.  Just because, you know, every conference game is a big game.  Nothing to see here.  No reason to look ahead....


Okay, I feel better now.  Seriously, though it is entirely unrealistic to start talking seriously about going to the Fiesta Bowl.  Even if we win all three games, we need a ton of help.  And we are more likely to lose all three than win all three.  And waaaaaaay more likely to go 1-2.

We've had a pretty amazing week in Louisville Cardinal sports, and being able to enjoy it in our little corner of the internet, especially with the help of photoshops and AnVillen, have really made it that much better.  Thanks so much to the Godfather, Mike, for creating this 'blog' and thanks so much to everyone who stops by to share, post, read and in general make this place so much fun. 

Now let's hope I don't screw it up with these predictions:

First Play From Scrimmage:  Run to Powell.  After the offensive line basically asked to have the game put on their shoulders and backs in the second half last week, and especially if Powell plays, I think we'll see a lot of running to get things going.  USF's rushing defense ranks 27th in the country and gives up more than 120 yards per game.  Considering we consistently run for more yards than the team we are playing usually gives up, and Burke was a little rusty last week, look for lots of running tomorrow.

Second Play From Scrimmage:  Run.  Anderson and Wright should get carries early because the staff will probably want to be careful with Powell.  But if he's running well, look for them to keep going to Powell as the game goes on, since he's our best player and all.

Show Me The Arm, Son:  Burke will connect on a long bomb to Josh Bellamy this week.  He overthrew him a couple times last week (which is honestly a lot better than underthrowing, since the former can be corrected more easily than the latter) but hopefully another week of practice has their timing and touch back.  South Florida's passing defense is their relative weakness, ranking 62nd in the nation.  They gave up 3 passing TDs in the win against Cincinnati.  

Show Me The Arm, Son, Also:  The time has come.  Dominique Brown will throw a pass on a trick play, which most likely is Burke throwing a backwards pass to Brown, lined up at WR, who throws it down the seam to Chichester who drops it.  

Specific Prediction:  South Florida will get a touchdown in the air.  Their passing game is way behind their running game, but the way to beat us is to throw, throw, throw.  Our guys can hit but they can really struggle in coverage.  Despite the defensive line issues, we have been generally better against the run this year (at least in terms of preventing scores on the ground) and while BJ Daniels is more mobile than any QB we faced, our LBs and safeties are up to that challenge.  If we lose this game, it will be because South Florida throws for one or two touchdowns.

Did You Know?  The home team always wins this game?  And Brian Brohm's brothers and father played for UofL? And Stefan Lefors is the only hearing member of his family?  And Rick Pitino told Edgar Sosa to transfer? 

What Scares Me About This Game:  Nothing, which scares me.  That doesn't make sense, but my point is that I am strangely confident about this game, and I'm usually very pessimistic.  Just seems like we are clicking, but I'd hate to have our guys get overconfident.  Can't imagine Strong letting that happen, and just having ANY confidence is huge for the program.  Anyway, a mobile QB and quality running game are always scary because our defense can get tired and Cobb and Locke basically beat us single handily.  I don't really know what my point is with this paragraph anymore.

Final Score Prediction:  Louisville 20 - 17 South Florida.  Close game, two touchdowns and two field goals, USF scores late and gets the onside kick, but we stop them and hang on for the huge win, and there is tons of excitement about.....

...wait.  Not going to say it.