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Smith, Van Treese, Dieng To Start For Cards In Exhibition Tonight

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Rick Pitino announced yesterday that the starting line-up for tonight's exhibition against Kentucky Wesleyan would feature some new faces. 

The second unit of the University of Louisville men's basketball team has so consistently battled and beaten the projected starters during practice that coach Rick Pitino feels compelled to experiment with the lineup.

Chris Smith, Gorgui Dieng and Stephan Van Treese will start Thursday night along with Peyton Siva and Kyle Kuric when the Cardinals take on Kentucky Wesleyan in their final exhibition before their Nov. 16 opener against Butler.

I vaguely remember a freshman Jared Swopshire starting over Earl Clark in the Georgetown exhibition in 2008, and Clark ended the year as a lottery pick and our best player, so clearly Rock Buckles and/or TJ and/or Preston! will have the same thing happen to them this year. 

Anyway, can't believe SVT is outplaying Best Player Buckles, but who knows.  The article seems to say the Dieng-SVT combo plays well together.  

Can't wait to see some more Cardinal basketball tonight at The Bucket.  The team is treating it like a dress rehearsal for a real game, so you should too.  Whatever your regular season downtown arena weeknight game routine is, you better follow it to the minute tonight.  If you don't, you will be letting the program down.