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Liberty Bowl could pit Big East vs. SEC

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Since bowl talk is starting to get juices flowing around these parts, I thought this story might be of interest.

Assuming the SEC team would play the champion of C-USA, the show's hosts then asked Ehrhart to comment about UCF, who with a 5-0 league record is considered the current favorite to win the conference and that's when Ehrhart acknowledged a C-USA team may not go to Memphis after all.

"Not necessarily," Ehrhart said when asked about C-USA's participation in the bowl. "We may still go with a BIG EAST team against the SEC, provided the SEC has enough teams. That's no disrespect to Conference USA. It just may work out the combinations work that way.


"It goes back to the SEC," Ehrhart said. "The SEC would prefer to play against a BIG EAST team, or insist on that. We're somewhat at the mercy of the SEC on this one."

The SEC may not fill all nine of their bowl slots, especially if a second team goes to a BCS game. Eight bowl eligible teams are likely, but Georgia, Ole Miss and Tennessee still have work to do.

The Liberty Bowl will be played New Year's Eve at 3:30 in Memphis. The Louisville/Kentucky basketball game, remember, is scheduled for that same day at noon.

We in Da Liberty Bowl?